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Aurora Public School students have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement of 21st century skills acquired not only in traditional academic settings, but also in their communities and job experiences. Digital Badges help students tell a story about what they know and what they can do.

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How are digital badges connected to YOUR future? Well, you have skills and achievements beyond what shows up on your report card. Digital Badges are one way that Aurora Public Schools gives you credentials that recognize your strengths. Are you responsible? There's a Badge for that. Do you create things? There’s a Badge for that too. Have you shown strong communication skills? You guessed it, there’s a Badge for that! Colleges and employers are asking for people who can show that they have the skills needed to succeed in their demanding environments. Your Badges and the evidence that shares what you do well, will answer this question and open opportunities for you and your future. Be an active member of your school by jumping on the digital badging train and start thriving in our world.

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Your students have assets beyond what shows up on their report cards. APS Digital Badges help you to notice and name the valuable 21st Century Skills in which your students excel, ultimately adding to a richer narrative of who each of them are as learners and achievers. Once students earn Badges, they will be able to use them in order to open opportunities such as job shadows and internships with Community Endorsers. Digital Badges will be an important piece of our Strategic Plan to ensure that all students have a learning plan, the skills needed to succeed after high school and credentials of those skills.


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While report cards are a great way to recognize your student’s academic skills, APS Digital Badges are credentials that recognize your student’s 21st century skills and showcase how they shine. Your student will be able to build up their Digital Badges portfolio and share the Badges they earn with you as well as community endorsers who are eager to provide them with opportunities like job shadows and internships.




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email Amanda McLean, APS Badge Partner


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Community Partners

What doors will YOU open to APS learners? APS Digital Badges provide students with evidence-based credentials in the soft skills that are invaluable to success in your field. They will help you find the strengths you are seeking in employees and discover your organization’s future talent pipeline and allow you to inspire and engage students through opportunities you provide to those earning Digital Badges in the skills you value most.




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Endorsement is an external validation of a Digital Badge by one of our community partners. These community partners open doors to opportunities (such as job shadows and internships) for students who earn an Endorsed Badge. Click the "Community" button on the homepage to learn more!